Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bird Watching

Did you know San Diego is the birdiest county in the continental United States? It's true! According to the Audubon Society, there have been 500 bird species observed in San Diego county. Some of the more common birds to San Diegans include crows, hummingbirds and sparrows. However, do you know that eagles, various types of falcons and the rare California Gnatcatcher are found here as well?

There are numerous places throughout the county to catch a 'birds-eye' view of beautiful avians. Lake Henshaw is usually a good spot to see Nesting Bald eagles and at San Elijo Lagoon, you can spot the California and Blue Gray Gnatcatchers and the pictured Harrier bird of prey. It is said San Diego has no seasons, but don't tell birds that! The beautiful yellow and black Hooded Oriole migrates here in the Spring from Mexico and the Fall brings a myriad of ducks and shore birds.

One of the major bird events is the San Diego Audubon's bird festival, annually held in early March. More information can be found at:

Happy Birding!

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  1. Awesome!! The bird pictures are beautiful. I will have to go bird watching sometime!